Controller 80V 400A continue (Improved Vedder VESC    full compatible)  


ONEmotor controller is 16S high current medium voltage controller  with small size (110x40x26mm) designed expecially to place in the back side of my BLDC motor, but usable on many other Brushless and DC motors. It runs with the extremely popular VESC®* firmware. We use only one connector (apart from USB) with a single 20 pin Pico-Clasp connector. 

So if you only want PPM control you only fit the PPM wires. Each unit comes with a connector shell and enough pre-crimped wires to populate the whole connector. We leave it up to you to decide which connections you want.

All IO is protected with TVS diodes.The unit can be powered by USB from a laptop to allow tweaking settings without needing to connect main batteries. Wireless chip for control / programming using the VESC®* Tool mobile app.  

Max battery cable length without additional capacitors is 1m (Battery wires MUST be short, thick and grouped together, motor wires should be long. So, in case of use my controller outside ONEmotor  project please consider best to place controller near battery with long wires to wherever the motor is located. Please be careful when programming settings. Start at low currents and increase step by step. Setting everything at max during initial setup is a bad and really dangerous idea.

I recommend detecting motors using the FOC motor setup wizard. This will automatically find the correct settings for your motor. If you have problems getting your particular motor setup please contact us and we will do our best to help.

If you experience ABS overcurrent faults a lot, then increase your switching speed to 60KHz.
Just turning up the abs max current setting is not a good solution as you are only masking the real reason of the problem.

Please note: High voltage LiPo is extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly. ALWAYS run with a fuse, especially for testing.



for 10min+ continuous with no additional cooling    


for 60s before thermal throttling


continuous with additional AIR cooling


continuous with additional WATER cooling

0-60V -12S

cell LiPo maximum.

0-80V -16S

cell LiPo maximum.

0-100V - 20S

cell LiPo maximum.


Weight ~200g without wires

Dimensions Overall: 111x41x26mm

Mounting pattern: 4x M4, 101x18mm

Battery connection wire length: 10cm

Motor connection wire length: 30cm

6061-T6 CNC Machined Aluminium Heatsink.

MJF 3D printed Nylon 12 case

Cast Silicone Wire guard and strain relief. 6x M2.5 A4 stainless bolts


IMU (BMI160)

CANBus (5v max)

Current and Voltage filters

3mm FR4 TG170 8Layer 4OZ PCB.

Wireless for use with VESC®*-Tool mobile app

Integrated 2.3A 5V BEC

ALL connections protected by TVS

USB can be used to power the logic. USB protected by TVS and Polyfuse



Controls current to motor irrespective of duty cycle

Duty Cycle 

Controls duty cycle sent to motor irrespective of current


RPM control 

Controls motor RPM using a PID loop


Power/Motor Connections

10cm long, Dual XT60 input connections (can be increased to QUAD XT60 input)

30cm long, 8 AWG silicone output cables with 5mm lugs fitted.

-Logic connections (sealed to prevent ingress of debris)

All in one Pico-Clasp locking connector provides all standard interfaces - PPM, CANBus, ADC, UART, Hall sensors, 5v, 3.3v,  SPI, Buttons, Encoder, Motor Temperature, Shutdown pin, SWD Programming. Micro B USB




For use with analogue throttles, supports cruise control and reverse


For PC control using VESC®* Tool applications


 For custom applications


Software over current protection

Slow temperature cutoff

Battery voltage cutoff

Adjustable current limits,

Battery and Motor current          are independently controlled

Adjustable voltage limits

Adjustable RPM limits

Adjustable Power limits

Adjustable duty cycle limits

Adjustable regenerative braking

Adjustable throttle curves Adjustable ramping time

Real time and Sampled

Data monitoring and graphing

Automatic motor detection and tuning.



Sensorless, Hall Sensors or Encoder


Sensorless, Hall Sensors or Encoder


For driving brushed DC motors on outputs A and C. (Can also be used as a current OR voltage generator)