ONEmotor stator and two motor sizes 18.5Kw - 25Kw continue all on DiY .


  • Target motor efficiency 97% 

  • Thickness Stator 40mm

  • Motor Kv 35 - 40 - 45 - 53 configurable

  • Rated motor speed 3180rpm
    Free Load current 7.9A

  • Max current peak 450A  

  • Rated voltage  60Volt MAX 75Volt

  • Rated power  18.5 - 25Kw water cooled 

  • Peak power  22Kw - 30Kw     

  • Rated load torque 25Nm @135A

  • Max winding operation temperature 130°C

  • HALL sensor and double thermal probe.

  • Neodymium magnet NdFeB 42SH 150°C

  • Motor phase resistence 0.0150ohm @1200Hz

  • Motor inductance 23.7microH  @1200Hz

  • 40P36S stator, 0.2mm laminated sheets,
    insulation layer type A silicon steel 20JNEH1200   

  • Motor weight 3.6K or 4.2Kg with water cooling system


Motor KV=53, this is the current wave when the output is 30Nm, we can see the heat load is 639A^2/mm^3

                                             137.6mm Stator Winding Test Inspection 

Stator winding 0.76(Bare copper) * 10 wires 3 turns and 3 parallel 

120° HAll back EFM adjustment procedure 

120° vs 60°  Degree Hall Timing  

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