The  open source DiY platform for passionates builder of brushless motor and motor controller.

Dear friends, dissatisfied with the poor performances of market BLDC brushless motor and related controller. I design and built my own motor and controller full compatible with VESC® . The motor can be supplied in two power size 15Kw and 25Kw continue while the VESC® controller can be supplied at 80V or 120V up 600A continue.       We can also develop custom design and supply customized applications even for small series.            


600A continue   can be achieved adding
water cooling system or suitable AiR to
AiR heat exchange.

NOT supplied

       Last updated specification 

  • 2 mm Aluminium power PCB.

  • 32% less in area vs 1st gen.

  • Improved Thermal heat dissipation characteristics without any cooling.

  • Improved phase voltage filtering.

  • Galvanic insulated USB.

  • BT for VESC APP.

  • 3 Individual temperature sensors for
    power stage, on each FET bank.

  • 80V caps  12000uF + 150uF ceramics

  • 950 grams

       ONEmotor full compatible VESC®  and Mr. Vedder mark

 Upto 600A continue improved Vedder VESC®  and Mr. Vedder full compatible  


ONEmotor is an open DiY platform ready to use, dedicated to everyone love brushless motor technology allowing you to:

PLEASE REGISTER then Download free of charge the full project of the MOTOR and CONTROLLER


Buy the MOTOR and or the 600A VESC® controller full assembled and tested.


Wireless connection for control programming using the VESC®* Tool mobile app.  


Data monitoring and graphing

automatic motor detection and tuning.


Easy control trough  PC using VESC®* Tool applications, for  data monitoring,


Superior motor design developped using F.E.M. analysis for high efficency.


Motor controller runs with the popular VESC®* firmware.

* ONEmotor compatible with Mr. Vedder mark for use with VESC® Software